Supercharge Your Science V.2

24 11 2011

I suspect a lot of readers will be attending the imminent 25th International Congress for Conservation Biology to be held in Auckland from 5-9 December 2011 (it was to be held in Christchurch, but the venue was changed after that city fell down). I’ve now been to 3 previous ICCBs myself, and it should prove to be a good, informative (and fun) meeting.

I’ll be giving a talk or two, as will some of my students and postdocs, but I’m not spruiking those here (but you’re all invited, of course).

The main reason for this short post today is to advertise for Version 2 of our (i.e., Bill Laurance and me) popular ‘Supercharge Your Science‘ workshop. Yes, the organising committee of the ICCB decided it was a good idea to accept our application to repeat our previously successful series of presentations extolling the virtues of positive and controlled media interactions, social media and good writing techniques for ‘supercharging’ the impact of one’s science. You can read more about the content of this workshop here and here.

The description of the workshop (to be held from 19.00 – 21.00 on 6 December in the SkyCity venue) on the ICCB website is:

In this dynamic and fun two-hour workshop, we will highlight a range of strategies for increasing your scientific impact and productivity. This workshop emphasises transcending scientific audiences to engage the popular media and general public, and thus is highly relevant to the theme of SCB 2011. The workshop is divided into three parts. Part 1 is a 25-minute talk by Prof. William Laurance entitled “Reaching Out: Maximizing Your Public Impact“. In it Laurance highlights a variety of approaches for engaging journalists, getting broader recognition for your work, and becoming a science and conservation leader. Part 2, by Prof. Corey Bradshaw, is a timely 30-minute talk entitled “Using Social Media to Supercharge Your Science“. Bradshaw tells how blogging, tweeting, webzines, Facebook, and other social media can dramatically increase your ability to reach a diverse audience. Part 3, by Laurance, is an engaging 35-minute talk entitled “How to be More Prolific: Strategies for Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers“. Laurance, the author of over 300 scientific and popular articles, highlights strategies for writing better and more easily, producing dynamic research, and dealing with editors and reviewers. The symposium includes a 15-minute coffee break and 15 minutes for questions and discussion. Laurance and Bradshaw have run this workshop twice previously to rave reviews.

Apparently the workshop is free (aren’t we generous?), requires no pre-registration, and is open to all. If you want to get this side of your science pumping, but all means, we encourage you to come along.

CJA Bradshaw (also on behalf of Bill Laurance)



7 responses

9 01 2012

It was a great workshop and I took your advice and started a blog! How’s that for effectiveness?

9 01 2012

Brilliant, Smooth-Horn (excellent name – would love to know the derivation of that). I’ll put you on CB’s blogroll. Keep up the good work.

10 01 2012

Thanks! Yeah, my last name supposedly use to be spelled Cornelissen, which is a Dutch name and indeed all of my ancestors on that side came from Holland. I’m not sure what the Dutch translation would be.?

1 12 2011

Just to let everyone know that the room in which Supercharge Your Science will take place is Epsom 3

24 11 2011
Cagan Sekercioglu

Hey, if it were not for twitching and birds, I would not have been a conservation biologist. I would have taken that Wall Street job right out of college. Come to think of it, I would be one of the wealthiest 1% and you’d be coming to me for funding. Now, I have to be content with being one of the most cited 1% and seeing a lot of birds along the way. Maybe it is you guys who should be doing more stuff outside!

24 11 2011
Barry Brook

Cagan, stop being such a damned twitcher and you might publish more!

24 11 2011
Cagan Sekercioglu

I could use some help. I still have not figured out how to publish 20 papers a year like you guys. See you there (unless I am out birding, like the last time Bill offered this at the ATBC meeting. I need the Northern Brown Kiwi, north of Auckland….)

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