The environmental Abbott-oir

9 04 2014

“What?”, my wife exclaimed, “Is this guy Satan1 himself?”. Within 6 months in office, the Abbott-oir has:

  • attempted to remote World Heritage protection for a large expanse of Tasmanian forest;
  • vowed to reinstate logging in Tasmania on a large scale;
  • broken promise to fund Sumatran rhino recovery;
  • decided to dump 3 million tonnes of dredging spoil on the Great Barrier Reef;
  • scrapped management plans for most of the nation’s representative system of marine protected areas;
  • rollbacked protection in national parks, including allowing logging, grazing, fishing and hunting;
  • refused to send any Australian delegate to global climate change discussions;
  • allowed Western Australia to proceed with a large-scale cull of great white, tiger and bull sharks;
  • weakened Australia’s recently passed anti-illegal logging bill;
  • nearly achieved legal immunity from any challenges to his decisions on mining projects;
  • weakened the processes involved in development proposals by ‘cutting the green tape‘;
  • vowed to halt the creation of any more national parks, saying that Australia already has too many;
  • proposed to ban consumer boycotts of corporations that damage the environment;
  • cut $100 million in funding, and axed 500 jobs, in the federal Environment department;
  • continued to push for abolishing the carbon price.

Cry? Despair? Laugh? No – fight.

Abbott cartoon 5503

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1There is not one jot of religiosity in our house.



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15 04 2014
Dr. Nigel Miles

Mass popular action by the voters of Australia to bring him to Court and to remove him and his “cronies” from Office. To publicly humiliate him and his destructive capitalism and their negative actions, as crimes against the future welfare of the benefit of all peoples and life in the territory of Australia…Use morals and the law to remove this man from any aspect of government.


12 04 2014

Horrible on all fronts- but particularly with the dumping on the great barrier reef, that decisions seems like it should have MUCH more press globally than I’ve seen thus far. The barrier reef is a global treasure that I think any joe smoe would fight for protecting- do you know of a global petition to stop this decision? Are we too late to do anything about it besides greenpeace-style blocking? I think a massive social media campaign to stop this would be extremely important at this point. Is there one? Can we start one? Thanks!


10 04 2014
Graeme McLeay

Seems like every day there is another announcement. Yesterday it was Antarctica’s turn.Slashing the AAD budget and kneecapping any chance we have of influencing what happens to Antarctica in the future,wrecking a proud record. Are they afraid we might learn some science down there?


9 04 2014

Does seem like he wants us all to live in hell. Perhaps he would be happier living somewhere where there’s no nature to contend with – like the moon!


15 04 2014
Dr. Nigel Miles

Please refer to my reply below yours….well said!


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