Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss XXXII

8 09 2015

Six more biodiversity cartoons — this time, from France. They’re in French to pay hommage to my hosts (and acknowledge their fanaticism for les bandes dessinées), but don’t worry, I’ve provided full translation (see full stock of previous ‘Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss’ compendia here).

“Biodiversity: More and more species threatened. The good news for you is that you’re not endangered. The bad news is that neither are we.” © Roulies

“What does our consumerist society consume the most? The future.” © J-Luc Coudray

“Capitalism will save humanity! The planet is fucked! Let’s just buy another one!” © Charlie Hebdo

This is a play on words, so a direct translation doesn’t work. If you don’t know what ‘con’ means, look it up in Google Translate. ©

“Now onto more serious business.”

“Come have a look! I finished the billboard announcing our wetland.
No to climate change.
Our wetland provides:
– clean water
– fresh air
– thousands of plants and animals
– good neighbours
Let’s not change a thing.
Except it’s missing one small detail.
Later …
We reserve the right to refuse admission!!”



3 responses

9 09 2015

oh, and of course, on cartoons, biodiversity and french, you have an entire blog here:
Check it out if you speak french!


9 09 2015

Check out this one, another good pun. Maybe I should let you translate it


9 09 2015

That’s a good one! Ok, the translation. This one is difficult because of the excellent play on words (that only works in French). In French, the verb ‘pêcher’ is ‘to fish’, while the verb ‘pécher’ is ‘to sin’. The fisherman in this cartoon is saying: “Lord, forgive me, I have overfished”, but it sounds like “Lord, forgive me, I have over-sinned”. Clever.


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