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Matthew Flinders Professor in Global Ecology (Professor): Global Ecology LaboratoryCollege of Science and EngineeringFlinders University, Adelaide, South Australia 5001, Australia


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Selected Publications:

Citation data
  • Total citations to 25/10/2020: 23,429
  • Total number of peer-reviewed articles published: 294
  • Average number citations/article: 79.7
  • Current h-index = 77
  • Current m-index (h-index ÷ 20 years since PhD) = 3.85
  • Essential Science Indicators Ecology/Evolution citation rank (as of 03/11/2018) = top 2.84% of top 1%
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Language proficiency
  • Fluency in spoken & written English and French
  • Intermediate spoken & written Italian & Spanish
  • Basic Mandarin

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