bearConservationBytes.com Posting & Discussion Policy

1. The comments section provides a forum for constructive discussion of points made in the posts. Personal attacks on me, guest posters or others making comment (flames) will be deleted, or edited accordingly.

2. Threats will be deleted immediately – if threats are of a physical nature, they will be reported to the police and the offending IP address will be banned permanently. Commenters with a history of provocation (trolls) will be banned.

3. If a commenter is banned, any associated email, telephone or other harassment to me or my places of employment will be reported to the police. My employers have no control over my posts (see Disclaimer), so any harassment is futile.

4. Excessive profanity, racist or sexist comments are prohibited.

5. Pseudonyms are permitted, but discouraged (if you cannot be identified easily, the validity of your comments is potentially suspect). Commenters must supply an email address. Except in the event of disruptive behaviour (as described above), emails will remain confidential.

6. Commenting under different names (sock puppets) or using several email accounts to evade bans is prohibited – offenders will be banned permanently. Sock puppeteers’ identities may be disclosed to others.

7. Comments are welcome from anyone following these rules. If you disagree, comment elsewhere.

CJA Bradshaw, 21/08/2008

Credit to J. Quiggin for his discussion policy as a template.

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