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Top 20 blog posts (total views in the past year) on (updated monthly)

    1. Killing (feral) cats quickly (and efficiently) (20/05/2021; note these are mostly ‘hate‘ views)
    2. Hot inbreeding (22/07/2009)
    3. How to write a scientific paper (22/10/2012)
    4. The extinction vortex (25/08/2008)
    5. I’m nearing the end of my PhD/postdoc … What the hell am I supposed to do now? (13/07/2020)
    6. How to contact a potential PhD supervisor (01/04/2015)
    7. Free resources for learning (and getting better with) R (15/11/2021)
    8. The state of global biodiversity — it’s worse than you probably think (24/01/2020)
    9. Twenty tips for writing a research proposal (04/05/2015)
    10. Journal ranks 2019 (08/07/2020)
    11. Worried about Earth’s future? Well, the outlook is worse than even scientists can grasp (14/01/2021)
    12. Less snow from climate change pushes evolution of browner birds (07/09/2017)
    13. Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss LX (08/04/2020)
    14. Time for a ‘cold shower’ about our ability to avoid a ghastly future (13/01/2021)
    15. Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss LXIV (07/01/2021)
    16. Conservation quotes: Attenborough to Irwin (06/08/2010)
    17. It’s a tough time for young conservation scientists (24/08/2021)
    18. The dingo is a true-blue, native Australian species (07/03/2019)
    19. Classics: declining and small population paradigms (23/08/2008)
    20. Journal ranks 2018 (23/07/2019)

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