Conservation and ecology journal Impact Factors 2012

20 06 2013

smack2It’s the time of year that scientists love to hate – the latest (2012) journal ranking have been released by ISI Web of Knowledge. Many people despise this system, despite its major role in driving publishing trends.

I’ve previously listed the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 IF for major conservation and ecology journals. As before, I’ve included the previous year’s IF alongside the latest values to see how journals have improved or worsened (but take note – journals increase their IF on average anyway merely by the fact that publication frequency is increasing, so small jumps aren’t necessarily meaningful; I suspect that declines are therefore more telling).

Principally ‘conservation’ journals:

Some ecology journals that frequently publish conservation-related material:

Some more general journals that occasionally publish conservation papers:

Based on percentage change, the biggest relative gains among the ‘conservation’ journals were made by Conservation Genetics, Diversity and Distributions, Environmental Conservation and Tropical Conservation Science.

On an absolute IF front, most journals haven’t made many huge gains or losses, although Ecography, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Molecular Ecology and PLoS Biology made bigger jumps.

CJA Bradshaw



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21 06 2013

Ok, but where is Ecosphere, new ESA Journal?


21 06 2013

Hasn’t been around long enough to gain an IF. Needs at least 3 years (and must be accepted by ISI).


25 06 2013

Could you elaborate on this? Ecosphere’s first issue was in July 2010, yet it still hasn’t been rated. Newer journals, e.g. Ecology and Evolution (first published in Sept 2011), did get a rating. What’s the difference?


26 06 2013

No – sorry. It’s the whim of ISI. There are no transparent rules of inclusion


21 06 2013
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20 06 2013


are there any journal specializing in MPA and MPA management and planning?


20 06 2013

No, but there are quite a few such papers in Conservation Letters and Marine Ecology Progress Series.


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