Journal ranks 2016

14 07 2017

Many books

Last year we wrote a bibliometric paper describing a new way to rank journals, which I contend is a fairer representation of relative citation-based rankings by combining existing ones (e.g., ISI, Google Scholar and Scopus) into a composite rank. So, here are the 2016 ranks for (i) 93 ecology, conservation and multidisciplinary journals, and a subset of (ii) 46 ecology journals, (iii) 21 conservation journals, just as I have done in previous years (201520142013, 2012, 20112010, 2009, 2008).

(i) ecology, conservation and multidisciplinary

ecol.all.2016Here’s a more focussed list of the top-25 journals from above:


One of the interesting things here compared to last year’s rankings is that Nature Climate Change is starting to knock at Science‘s door.

(ii) ecology journals

ecol.ecol.2016For the leaders, things are similar to last year: Trends in Ecology and Evolution and Ecology Letters are still out in front, but Global Change Ecology has slightly overtaken Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (uncertainty in the ranks notwithstanding). Ecology is continuing its gradual slip in relative rankings.

(iii) conservation journals

Here’s probably the most interesting list for readers:

ecol.conserv.2016Not much different here from last year for the leaders; Biological Conservation is still chasing Conservation Biology for fourth place.

CJA Bradshaw



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Joshua James Parfitt

This is exactly what I was looking for … very useful info!!


20 07 2017
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