Journal ranks 2018

23 07 2019

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As has become my custom (11 years and running), and based on the journal-ranking method we published several years ago, here are the new 2018 ranks for (i) 90 ecology, conservation and multidisciplinary journals, and a subset of (ii) 56 ‘ecology’ journals, and (iii) 26 ‘conservation’ journals. I’ve also included two other categories — (iv) 40 ‘sustainability’ journals (with general and energy-focussed journals included), and 19 ‘marine & freshwater’ journals for the watery types.

See also the previous years’ rankings (20172016201520142013, 2012, 20112010, 2009, 2008).

(i) ecology, conservation and multidisciplinary

eco, cons, gen

Here’s a more focussed list of the top-20 journals from above:eco, cons, gen 20

Not much is different for the top-ranked journals, but note how Science Advances has crept up to take the 5th spot since last year’s rankings, and the appearance of Nature Ecology and Evolution and Nature Human Behaviour now in the top 20. PLoS Biology also continues its descent, and Conservation Letters now appears in the top 20.

(ii) ecology journals


For the leaders, things are similar to last year: Nature Ecology and Evolution has taken out the sixth spot in its first showing.

Here’s a closer look at the top-20 from that last list:


(iii) conservation journals

Here is probably the most interesting list for readers:conserv

This hasn’t changed much from last year, except that Nature Ecology and Evolution and Nature Human Behaviour now occupy the second and third positions, respectively. Ambio continues to perform well.

(iv) sustainability journals

In the ‘sustainability’ journals (including some general-category ones too), Science Advances has made a notable jump upwards:sustain

(v) marine and freshwater journals

Not much change here either since last year:

CJA Bradshaw




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