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  • Radio Adelaide – Dingoes (listen, forward to 48:40)
  • ABC Afternoons – Insect declines (listen)
  • Global Journalist – The Overpopulation Debate (watch)
  • Triple J Hack (ABC) – Big game hunting (listen)
  • Radio New Zealand (Rural News) – Fertilisers & crop health (listen; my bit starts at 01:46)
  • Publish, Perish, or Podcast – Breakfast, Shitty Science Workshops and New Year’s Eve (listen; my bit starts at 40:30)
  • RTHK Radio 3 Backchat (Hong Kong) – Animal extinction (listen)
  • 2HD radio – Living Planet Report 2016 (listen)
  • Australian Science Channel – The Neanderthal in Me (view)
  • Radio New Zealand – Looking to the future with Corey Bradshaw (listen)
  • ABC 891 – Sir Hubert Wilkins (listen from 2:37:00)
  • BBC World Service – No recovery plan for threatened koalas (live interview)
  • Advertiser/PerthNow – Humans and climate change killed the Tassie devil and tiger, not dingoes
  • The LOLstralian – Facts forced to fit agenda
  • ABC News Radio – Study shows Australia is in the top 10 countries with worst environmental impact on the planet (listen)
  • Sydney Morning Herald – Forest threat
  • ABC Radio – Appetite for frog legs leading to extinction (listen)
  • Radio New Zealand – Frog feast (listen)
  • Straits Times – Global appetite for frogs’ legs could see them croak
  • ABC Adelaide – Grey nurse sharks


1I didn’t actually say anywhere in this interview that climate change would ‘save’ grey nurse sharks; I did say that increased population connectivity resulting from warming waters might reduce extinction risk. I loathe how reporters ‘quote’ scientists even when they never actually said these words. Ah, the sensationalism of scientific media!

2Another corker of bad ‘journalism’. See post here for explanation

3My comments on another paper.

4What? It’s not about climate pollution – it’s a bloody environmental degradation metric. Did these people even read the paper? Another classic example of hack-and-regurgitate reporting.

5While the article isn’t too awful, the title misses the point of the paper entirely.

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