Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss II: frog legs

1 02 2009

I couldn’t resist this. Given the enormous response to our soon-to-be-published paper in Conservation Biology entitled Eating frogs to extinction by Warkentin, Bickford, Sodhi & Bradshaw (view post How many frogs do we eat?), I just had to put these up. Enjoy this subclass of biodiversity loss cartoons for what they are worth.

CJA Bradshaw

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4 responses

15 04 2009
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24 02 2009
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3 02 2009

I also said that I wouldn’t probably eat them again given that I have been made aware of the magnitude of the problem. I have also vastly changed my lifestyle over the years as I learn more and more about unsustainable food production systems.

Definitely not a requirement, but I am not adverse to trying alternative food sources if they can be provided more sustainably than much of the processed rubbish people pass off as ‘food’ these days.

As for frog legs in particular – don’t think of it as one measly meal – the 10s of 1000s of tonnes consumed annually makes for a vast protein supplement for many people worldwide. Think of the seemingly innocuous tilapia as a point of reference.


3 02 2009

I like the last cartoon best, as man always seems to believe it is only he who can eat every living thing on this planet.
What on earth can be of any use on one small frogs leg? I heard you speak on the abc radio yesterday and you said you had eaten frogs legs and other mammals, do you consider it a requirement in your research or would you also eat a human just to see what the taste is like.
Man would eat shit fried and served in a sesame seed bun if you served it up!


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