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Welcome to ConservationBytes.com

I have dedicated this site to highlighting, discussing and critiquing the science of conservation that has demonstrated measurable, positive effects for global biodiversity. My goal is to stimulate scientists and any interested in maintaining their future to find real-world solutions to the degradation of ecosystem services supporting life on Earth.

To this end I will be posting scientific studies that I believe have had real benefits for biodiversity – in other words, those that represent scientific breakthroughs that have shifted socio-economic policy, governance structures and management for the betterment of biodiversity.

I welcome comments, posts, suggestions and informed debate. However, personal attacks or insulting/vulgar posts will not be tolerated (see more detail on my Posting & Discussion Policy page). If you would like to provide a post within the site’s theme, please email me here. I welcome examples of good conservation science with bite. If you want to highlight some good research that should have, but never really did, influence policy, I’d like to hear about it too.

Disclaimer – The views expressed on this website are my own or my contributors’ and do not necessarily represent those of the University of Adelaide or the Government of South Australia.

CJA Bradshaw


Mais la dernière des fées cherche sa baguette magique
Mon ami, le ruisseau, dort dans une bouteille en plastique
Les saisons se sont arrêtées aux pieds des arbres synthétiques
Il n’y a plus que moi…

Francis Cabrel, Répondez-moi

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26 01 2012
Saludos desde Mataelpino « BraveNewClimate

[…] I am enjoying myself (but working too!). We (me, and some colleagues from University of Adelaide: Corey Bradshaw, Damien Fordham and Salvador Herrando-Perez) are visiting a research collaborator in Spain […]


29 03 2009
The Marine Nutcracker

[…] fishing on coral reefs], traffic [boat strikes]. etc.) and a double-whammy from climate change. Assoc. Prof. Corey Bradshawhere (slides and audio available). A recent editoral in the peer-reviewed journal Marine Pollution […]


10 12 2008
Squeezing the marine nutcracker « BraveNewClimate.com

[…] dynamite fishing on coral reefs], traffic [boat strikes]) and a double-whammy from climate change. Assoc. Prof. Corey Bradshaw talked about this in detail here (slides and audio […]



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