A world of hurt – the webinar

19 05 2010

Ah – finally. The World of Hurt webinar (many thanks to @fang for showing me how to do this).

CJA Bradshaw



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27 09 2010
Humans 1, Environment 0 « ConservationBytes.com

[…] are starting to see direct and indirect reductions in human health resulting from environmental degradation, but this is usually […]


6 07 2010
Killing us slowly « ConservationBytes.com

[…] today – evil atrazine. As my readers know, I am certainly pushing the empirical basis for the link between environmental degradation and deterioration of human health (my talk here at the ICCB on Wednesday will be on this very topic), so this topic interests me […]


20 05 2010

Brilliant! Yo da (watermellon) man!!

I would suggest that the environment institute podcast RSS feed + your own blog posts and this slideshare.net will do a hundred times more to promote the important science in your public lecture than the official video.

In fact, some quantitative measurements of that assertion (or similar hypotheses) might make a good data source for a paper on science communication…

p.s. Being able to jump to slide 27 and read for myself the comments on yr country ranking paper (that clearly got an audience reaction) was brilliant.

(the text around the “stumbleupon” result is priceless)

Well done Corey.
Fang – Mike Seyfang


20 05 2010

Yes, I’m sold on slideshare.net + podcast. Very slick. Will use it from now on. Cheers x 1000, Fang.


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