‘Amplify’ and ‘Lungs’ – William Laurance podcasts

1 04 2010

William Laurance has been here at the University of Adelaide for the past 4 days and has just left. He had a marathon talk-fest while here, and a very full social calendar. I bet he’s happy he’s back home so he can wind down a little.

Just a quick post to provide the links to the podcasts of his two public talks: “Amplify your Voice” and “Lungs of the Planet”, plus a radio interview he did yesterday on ABC.

The first public talk was split into two parts:

  1. How to be more prolific: strategies for writing and publishing scientific papers
  2. Further ways to maximise your scientific impact- interacting with the popular media and how to promote yourself

Part 1 MP3

Part 1 Slideshow

Part 2 MP3

Part 2 Slideshow

The other main talk ‘Lungs of our Planet’ was also in two bits (a more academically orientated one on Monday, and the public lecture on Wednesday):

  1. Emerging Challenges for Environmental Research in the Tropics
  2. Diagnosis critical – the lungs of the planet

Part 1 MP3

Part 1 Slideshow

Part 2 MP3

Part 2 Slideshow

And finally, the radio interview he did on ABC 891 Afternoons with Carole Whitelock (audio file courtesy of ABC 891, Afternoons with Carole Whitelock):


CJA Bradshaw

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6 responses

4 10 2015

Hi CJAB, I know that this was ages ago, but is there any chance you could upload the presentations again? I tried to download them but the files don’t open and the link takes me to a paid software. (Maybe I’m doing something wrong). Thank you in advance! P.S. I’m catching up with all your posts and I’m really enjoying them


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6 04 2010

Thamks for posting (and organising) these talks C. What a fabulous man to have in Australia.


6 04 2010

Thanks. It was my pleasure. I agree – we’re fortunate to have such a prolific thinker and doer in Australia now. I hope to collaborate with him extensively.


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