General call for contributions

10 08 2010

After just over two years running this blog, I’ve now built up a pretty good audience of conservation-interested people. The blog now has a monthly view rate of over 12,000 and >80 e-mail subscribers, so the material is being viewed far and wide. I want to thank all of you for your interest and comments.

It seems appropriate then to put out a general call for contributions. I’ve had several guest posts now from students (Fishing for conservationMake your conservation PhD relevant), postdocs (Coming to grips with the buffalo problem) and colleagues (Interview with a social [conservation] scientist, Put the bite back into biodiversity conservation), but these have come to me fairly haphazardly. I’d therefore like to invite short articles from the CB readership to expand the topics covered and provide a more interactive conservation discussion.

So, if you feel you’re up to the task, please feel free to send me a little proposal of what you’d like to cover. Just a few pointers:

  1. Remember that is about conservation research that has already made (or has the potential to make) real biodiversity conservation advances. This could be a mini-review of new papers, a discussion of a current research topic, or a new method or some broader issue covering the conservation research-policy interface.
  2. Articles should be between 800 and 1500 words in length. Any more or less is a little inappropriate for a quick-digest blog post.
  3. Please provide a critique or overview of the topic you are covering. A simple regurgitation of someone else’s opinion is unacceptable.
  4. Please avoid nasty or insulting presentations. I won’t accept them.
  5. A few good images (preferably your own) should accompany your article.

If you’re game and you have something important to say, could be your (unofficial) discussion medium. Who knows? Maybe your article could lead to something more substantive like a policy brief or even a full scientific paper. Thanks in advance for your future contributions.

CJA Bradshaw

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3 responses

30 11 2010
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10 08 2010
Clem Weidenbenner

Nice idea… in terms of formatting details – a contribution should be emailed to you as an attachment in WORD or some similar software? You’ll do the display formatting for URLs (links) and illustrations so they match your blog software needs? (or is there a resource you can point to that would allow a contributor to set these up?)


11 08 2010

Hi Clem – best to let me know in a quick email first what you intend to cover, then after a quick assessment of relevance, you can send me the text. The easiest is either a Word document with URL hyperlinks or simple text with full URLs in brackets. I’ll convert everything into nice html-based links and formatting. Doesn’t take long. Images are best sent as separate files (i.e., not embedded in Word documents).


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