Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss XXVI

4 11 2014

Here are 8 more biodiversity cartoons (with a human population focus, given recent events) for your conservation-humour fix (see full stock of previous ‘Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss’ compendia here).



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6 11 2014

While it is true that population is increasing, it is also true that 80% resources are being used by 20% of the existing population, Accd to UNESCO reports consumption activities are driven by Northern customers (US,Canada and like) while less than 15% is consumed by others.


4 11 2014
David Jay

There is a lot about population here. Everyone seems to be talking about how no-one is talking about it (and hasn’t this been the case for many years in conservation circles?). I agree that it is an issue, but several cogent commentators would say that while we are talking about why no-one is talking about population, what we are not talking about is why no-one is talking about consumption. It may get alluded to, but it is never seriously addressed, and it plays just as large a role in our global footprint, whilst also having many implications for social justice and humanitarian issues. I would suggest that anyone who wants to comment on the population problem starts by reading something like this by George Monbiot – – just to keep their position in perspective.


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