Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss XXXIV

14 01 2016

Another six biodiversity cartoons for you this week. You might have asked yourself ‘Why six?’ — the number 6 is, of course, the smallest perfect number (i.e., the sum of its aliquot divisors is equal to the number itself: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6), and as a result, my favourite (geek). See full stock of previous ‘Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss’ compendia here.



One response

27 01 2016
Wild Ideas: Nature notes: Citizen science projects, climate change harbingers and hope for honeybees – Rappahannock News

[…] cartoon guide:, a website devoted to biodiversity, has posted its 34th Cartoon Guide to Biodiversity Loss (, a series of six cartoons that should make anyone who cares about […]


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