InVEST for ecosystem services

18 07 2008

I’m currently attending the Society for Conservation Biology‘s Annual Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and blogging on presentations I think are worth mentioning.

A great talk that I had the pleasure of moderating was given by Taylor Ricketts of the World Wildlife Fund. He and an impressive team of conservation scientists have recently put together some spatially explicit software – InVEST – that quantifies the values of ecosystem services and compares those to biodiversity values (richness, endemism, etc.). A clever way to find the right balance between ecosystem functions that benefit humans and species preservation, this software and approach appears to be a great way to optimise land use in our changing environment. Definitely one to watch. The first paper describing this is by Erik Nelson and colleagues (including Ricketts) and will be appearing shortly in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

CJA Bradshaw



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26 06 2015
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22 07 2008
Corey Bradshaw

Hi Paul,

I don’t see why not. The tool, as far as I understand it, is only limited by the data available. I think we could apply the approach to most semi-developed systems in Australia. I can link up with Taylor and co. to see how we might adapt it.

CJA Bradshaw


22 07 2008

Any chance we can get this trialled in Oz Corey?


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