Nothing’s changed – scientific peer review

7 12 2009

Couldn’t resist posting this – a gem for anyone who has ever had their paper go through the peer-review crunch.



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21 04 2010

Sadly, the up-themselves wankers who made this film have taken down the clip due to ‘copyright’ infringement issues ( I hadn’t seen the film, and now in protest, I will refuse to. So much for worrying about making some dosh, Constantin Film.


6 01 2010
Marty Deveney

This is how you feel at times. The film the clip is taken from is called Der Untergang (Downfall); Hitler was played by Bruno Ganz. There are many videos on You Tube that use this (see ), including an amusing one where Hitler is considering swapping from Canon to Nikon (cameras).

But World War II seems very serious and real to me, whereas to a lot of others it’s just ancient history. I have a hard time laughing about it. Also, the movie is so well done, and so few people could have pulled it off like Bruno Ganz, I also wonder if it doesn’t undermine his excellence. Imititation is also the sincerest flattery . . . is parody?



7 12 2009
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7 12 2009
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7 12 2009

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