Upcoming conservation, ecology and modelling conferences

7 03 2014

IMG_34271Our lab just put together a handy list of upcoming ecology, conservation and modelling conferences around the world in 2014. Others might also find it useful. Some of the abstract submission deadlines have already passed, but it still might be useful to know what’s on the immediate horizon if attendance only is an option.

Conference Dates Venue Call for Abstracts Deadline
Queensland Ornithological Conference 31 May Brisbane, Australia Open 10 Mar
Spatial Ecology and Conservation 17 Jun Birmingham, UK Closed 21 Feb
Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium 23 Jun Taiwan Closed 5 Feb
International Statistical Ecology Conference 1 Jul Montpellier, France Closed 13 Jan
International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade 2014 7 Jul Brisbane Closed 31 Jan
World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling 8 Jul Vilnius, Lithuania Open 31 Mar
Society for Conservation Biology Oceania Section 9 Jul Suva, Fiji Open 7 Mar
Society for Conservation Biology North America Section 13 Jul Missoula, USA Closed 31 Jan
International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change 14 Jul Athens, Greece Open 17 Mar
Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation 20 Jul Cairns, Australia Open 31 Mar
Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem Restoration 28 Jul New Orleans, USA Open 2 Feb
European Conference on Ecological Restoration 3 Aug Oulu, Finland Open 30 Mar
Ecological Society of America 10 Aug Sacramento, USA Closed 27 Feb
Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section 14 Aug Glasgow, UK 25 Jan 8 Mar
International Ornithological Conference 18 Aug Tokyo, Japan Closed 31 Oct
Society for Conservation Biology Asian Section 19 Aug Melaka, Malaysia Open 19 Apr
Ecosystem Services Partnership 8 Sep Costa Rica early Mar 1 May
16th International BIOECON Conference 21 Sep Cambridge, UK TBA TBA
International Conference on Formal Methods in Macro-Biology 22 Sep Nouméa, New Caledonia Open 25 Apr
Ecological Society of Australia 28 Sep Alice Springs, Australia Open 9 May
3rd World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 12 Oct Qingdao, China Open 30 May
IUCN World Parks Congress 12 Nov Sydney, Australia Open 15 Mar
New Zealand Ecological Society 16 Nov Palmerston North, NZ TBA 1 Jun
Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation 17 Nov Olhão, Portugal Open 1 Jun
Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia 17 Nov New Caledonia TBA TBA
ACES 2014 Conference on Ecosystem Services 8 Dec Washington DC, USA May 11 Jul
Joint 2014 Annual Meeting of the British Ecological Society and Société Française d’Écologie 9 Dec Lille, France TBA TBA



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13 03 2014
7 03 2014

Fantastic list! Need to get cracking on some abstracts! I would also add that the Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation (ANET) are having their inaugural conference in Coffs Harbour, July 20-23. ANET are a newly formed network dedicated road ecology – the research, design and implementation of environmentally-sensitive linear infrastructure (rail, roads and utility easements) – across Australasia. You can read more about ANET and road ecology here http://ksoanesresearch.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/introducing-the-australasian-network-for-ecology-and-transportation/

Abstract submissions open until April 15th http://ecoltrans.net/anet-conference-2014/.


7 03 2014

Thank you, Kylie.


7 03 2014
Alejandro Frid

Just a little reminder that gallivanting all over the world via big ol’ jet planes, even in the name of conservation ecology conferences, is exactly the sort of behaviour that we want to avoid if we want to actually do something meaningful about climate change. If ecologists cannot set a behavioural example by avoiding the “most emissions profligate activity per hour” (as climatologist Kevin Anderson refers to jet flying), then who will? And if we don’t, does our discipline really have the integrity that we ascribe to it?

With modern teleconferencing technologies, lot’s can be done remotely and in real time without burning massive amounts of jet fuel. For more on this, sea my earlier post https://conservationbytes.com/2012/06/19/whos-responsible-for-climate-change/ and Kevin Anderson’s blog http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/online-tools/personal-blog/kevin-anderson-2.


7 03 2014

Great, thanks! There should be a central website somewhere which indexes conference submission deadlines for scientific disciplines!


7 03 2014

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